Wake Up Dead

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Language: English

Publication Date: 12/15/2020

Format: Softcover

Dimensions: 6×9

Page Count: 160

ISBN: 9781504323659

Format: E-Book

Dimensions: N/A

Page Count: 160

ISBN: 9781504323642





Wake Up Dead is a book of true stories about the death of young people through cancer or drugs or some other unexpected cause.  The book aims to bring into sharp focus the loss of life through wrong choices or due to external interference or unseen dangers.  Death is often sudden and unexpected.  We have to have coping strategies to deal with it.  One way is to remember and celebrate the good times.

The stories in this book are all based on love, hope, loyalty, honour kindness and on death.  They are tragic as life itself is tragic but there is always hope.  Hope of life and love and in a life after death as all religions promise.  Death is not the end of life but only of life as we know it on this planet.  It is inconceivable that we are the only planet in the galaxy to be populated.  I am sure – as sure as I am alive now – at this moment that death is only a doorway to another plane of existence.   Most of us at some point in our lives have experienced some form of déjà vu.  How do you explain it?  Or how can we account for the pain and suffering of saints and really good people while those that are far from good and who enjoy exploiting others, seem to be successful?  The answer is simple.  Suffering is a way of atonement and preparation for the next phase of existence where we will be more mind and soul and less matter.  The good, suffer more on this earth because I think, they are closer to a higher state of being.

Then there is perfection.  Perfection, as we regard it here on earth, is really hell because when everyone and everything is perfect there is no individuality and therefore, we become non-beings.  So, we suffer in different ways to progress in different directions.




My name is Alice.  Strange things always happen to me.  Wonderful, wondrous things also happen to me.  I think I attract the unusual.  I am an only child and so lonely from the start though I never realized that then.  I have always loved books and that has not changed now that I am old and grey.  One of the highlights of my life was meeting and getting to know and to love Naomi.  She was the first real friend and the only mentor I have ever had.  Naomi was one of the nicest, loveliest people it has been my privilege to know.  She did not really belong to this world of sin and corruption.  The world, I think fears the pure soul and so tries to destroy it.

I was a good friend to Naomi as Naomi was to me.  We met in a curious way under curious circumstances. I was a rather shy and awkward teenager.  My books were much more important to me than friends.  Books were my friends.  School was okay.  I liked knowledge and liked to learn.  I especially liked Biology.  Living creatures fascinated me.  I could sit by a rock pool and watch by the hour.  But I digress.  One day I was at the library, which by the way was one of my favourite places, getting some books.  I read something – now I forget what, and I laughed out loud breaking the silent concentrated atmosphere of that hallowed place.  Someone grabbed my arm and hauled me out of the library and she said now laugh but first share your delight with me.  I need to laugh too.  I was stunned.  Such a thing had never happened to me.  Before me was a beautiful young woman – small-boned and slight, just a little taller than me.  I think my mouth fell open because she started to laugh.  Her laughter was so infectious that I had to join in.  Once the paroxysm of laughter passed, she introduced herself as Naomi.