The Raped Earth

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Language: English

Publication Date: 1/4/2021

Format: Softcover

Dimensions: 6×9

Page Count: 318

ISBN: 9781504323864

Format: E-Book

Dimensions: N/A

Page Count: 318

ISBN: 9781504323871




This is an ecological documentary on the condition of the earth today and our abuse and misuse of living things.  This book traces man and the environment from early times until now.  It looks at the ecological cost our abuse has caused and the ramifications from that fall out. 

It also looks at the COVID 19 pandemic (a result of our misuse of our earth) and the ensuing effects till now.  This book looks at the environmental rape of the earth, the pollution and our destruction of our very livelihood - the earth, animals, fish, reptiles, birds – all living creatures. 

It also looks at how this rape of the earth has led to the problems that beset us today

The book, I hope can offer some ways in which we can redress the harm we have caused the earth – our home.  In recent times most especially, we have squandered and misused our inheritance.  We kill, torture, maim and harm not only the living creatures on our earth (including human beings) for pleasure or prowess or whatever, but also the earth itself.  This has led to the present situation of global warming and the appearance of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It is time for us to take stock and try to restore the well-being of the earth.



The earth is not our possession.  It is not ours.  We are simply the caretakers for this beautiful, variegated earth.  We share it with God’s other creation.  But we reneged in our duty to the earth.  We have raped it, abused it and killed many of its creatures mercilessly for pleasure or entertainment.   The more we advance technologically, the more we seem to lose our souls. 

In this book I would like to look at how we came to such a state that even nature has rebelled against our misuse of the earth.    Ancient man was not technologically advanced and they used the earth to help them to survive.  They took from it what was necessary.  They cared for the other living creatures and had respect for life.  But as we advanced we decided to be the owners of the earth.  We began to kill for pleasure or for gain.  Think about the rhinoceros that are killed for their horns only.  Or about the sharks whose fins are cut for food and the still alive shark is thrown back into the water to drown.  That is cruelty.  That is immoral.  That is wrong.

Introduction pp.5

Climate change affects every aspect of our lives including national security and the economy.  It affects the way we live, what we eat, where we go.  It affects our health and well-being.  We are the products of our environment.  Variability of climate affects not only our physical well -being but the economics and by extension the politics and cultural aspects of our lives.  For example, in times of stress demagogues have a better chance of getting power than when life is smooth and easy.  In times of pandemics the real character of the people become apparent – as is the case today with the COVID 19 pandemic.  Take it to a lower, more basic level the environment and the changes decide what we wear, eat, where we go how we react.pp.87