The Chalice

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Language : English

Publication Date : 11/10/2012

Format: Softcover

Dimensions: 6×9

Page Count: 234

ISBN:  9781479728862

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions: 6×9

Page Count: 234

ISBN: 9781479728879

Format: E-Book

Dimensions: N/A

Page Count: 234

ISBN: 9781479728886



THE CHALICE is the second volume of poetry about love, philosophy, war, betrayal, natural disasters, nature, animals and on a religious theme.  These poems span from 1975 to 2012

The poems are meant to convey home truths and meant to be enjoyed.  They are often very powerful but sometimes they are very whimsical too.



 May 9, 2001 (3:30am)


I sit and look at a blank wall

And muse

At this world

We’ve inherited

Full of turmoil, trouble and terror

And wonder why!


Then a soft voice speaks

There IS beauty

There IS peace

There IS love

Seek and you will find.


Why then do we

Opt for the negatives ---

Disaster, destruction, death

What has our inheritance

Really bequeathed us?


A voice speaks from within

You are the master of your fate

You must strive

To help humanity

You must be strong

On such as you

Does the weight

Of world peace