Growing up

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Language: English

Publication Date: 2/3/2015


Format: Softcover

Dimensions: 8.5×11

Page Count: 62

ISBN: 9781503502123

Format: E-Book

Dimensions: N/A

Page Count: 62

ISBNL: 9781503502130

Growing UP

A collection

children & pet stories for young readers


About the book


Almost all the stories are based on real people and real incidents.  Many issues addressed are from questions my children and other young people asked me.  Most of the photos are from my family archive.

Almost every story has a moral to it.  I hope you and your children enjoy them as much as I did in writing them.







Once there was a little bird that fell out of his nest in my backyard and almost got eaten by our kitten Tiger This incident took place under the huge fig tree in our backyard.

We were sitting in the backyard enjoying the warm weather, the balmy breeze, the flowers and the trees, when I saw something hopping towards the fig tree.  Tiger, our cat was just a kitten then – about a month old.  Tiger ran towards the bird.  I shot out of my chair and shouted: “Tiger stop.”  Tiger froze.  He was a very obedient kitten and is still a very obedient cat.  All our pets – dogs, cats, birds – are obedient. When I went under the fig tree, I found Tiger was just a couple of inches away from the little bird, sitting and looking at the bird.  I’m sure he was drooling in the way cats drool at seeing a tasty morsel, but he made no move to get to the bird.  I picked up the bird and patted Tiger on his head and told him that he was a very good boy for not gobbling up the bird.