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Language: English

Publication Date: 8/26/2019

Format: Softcover

Dimensions: 6×9

Page Count: 242

ISBN: 9781796005622

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions: 6×9

Page Count: 242

ISBN: 9781796005639

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This book looks at the topical issues at the start of the twenty first century.  It is a book of the world in a state of flux.  Populist leaders do not look to the greater good and do not rise to their potential in ANY POSITIVE WAY.  They are experts in manipulating human emotions and appealing to the worst in human nature in order to further their personal ends.   The gap between the haves and have nots is widening inexorably. 

Politically there is unrest and war wherever we look.  Nazism is on the move again in a more virulent form. 

Economically we are on the razor’s edge as we inch towards a major trade war.

Socially we are at the worst point in all the ages.  Death stalks us at all times, in all innocuous places, in all safe havens.  Nowhere is safe. 

Environmentally we are seeing the beginning of another major catastrophe.  The climate is changing and who knows what could happen?

I have taken these strands and woven them  together.  You may agree or disagree with the contents but I sincerely hope it will add to your knowledge and understanding of world events.




Trump and Racism


Trump has revived racism once more in The US which was underground for the past many years.  Once again militant racism is on the move. This is not limited to one thing only but many.  For example there is the racial discrimination against the Blacks as was obvious in the verbal abuse Trump hurled at the NFL players for taking a leg during the National anthem.  It could have been done much more subtly and decently without name-calling.  Then there was the Charlottesville debacle when President Trump’s core supporters brandishing anti-Jewish sentiments killed a young woman.  All Trump had to say was that: There were many good people on both sides…

Trump’s racism is bringing out the dormant racists that abound in his core group of followers as well as setting a trend not just in the US but also in Europe as is clearly visible by the many Rightist regimes now in power.  The sad truth is I believe we are heading for a major catastrophe – perhaps even a world war.

There is a multitude of examples that show his crass racism and one could write a whole book on it.  Suffice it to say that Trump is normalising racism and setting a bad precedent as he will be and already is being imitated as more and more are publicly venting their hatred against other races, religions and colours.pp.78