Book of Plays

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Language: English

Publication Date: 19/09/2019


Format: Softcover

Dimensions: 7.5×9.25

Page Count: 102

ISBN: 9781504319393

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Children should learn some home truths and life lessons from these simple plays and apply the kindness and giving to their practical lives.   It is never too early to begin to practice kindness.  It also shows that good behaviour results in acceptance and that in the long run, bad behaviour does not pay.

Some plays are retakes of older well-known and well-loved plays.  Some are originals




Chirnside Mansion – This play shows how true love endures and is ready to sacrifice all for Love – even life.  It is a true Australian love story about two Scottish families .  The older brother Thomas left Scotland to make his fortune in Australia.  His fianceé’s father, his uncle Begbie refused to let his daughter go to Australia.  Thomas made a fortune in Australia but his girl, Mary, in the meantime fell in love with his younger brother Andrew.  In the play you see how Thomas dedicated h1s life to his erstwhile love and her family.


A room with a few armchairs.  Mr. Chirnside is sitting, reading a newspaper.  Mrs. Chirnside is doing a bit of embroidery.  Thomas is sitting, looking very glum and disgruntled.

Thomas: Well Father, what do you say?  Why don’t you answer me?

Mr. Chirnside: You want an answer?  Well, the answer is NO.  I will not give you any money to chase a dream!

Mrs. Chirnside : Now! Now! Thomas.  Don’t be so hasty.  (She turns to her husband)  He is your first born.  Surely…

Thomas: Well Father, it isn’t as if I’m asking you for the world.  It’s just something to set me up, help me to begin.

Mr. Chirnside: Alright.  I’ll give you a few hundred pounds.  Do with it as you will.  Don’t ask for more.  I don’t agree with you chasing such an empty dream.  You want to go to Australia go.  But tell me son why? Why the back of beyond? I just don’t get it.

Thomas: Because Father, I’m going to make my fortune there.  Just you wait and see.