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Language: English

Publication Date :2/9/2012

Format : Softcover

Dimensions : 6×9

Page Count : 646

ISBN : 9781465396020

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Dimensions : 6×9

Page Count : 646

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A political documentary of our times


Sophia Z Kovachevich under the pseudonym Ashley Smith


BETRAYAL is a political documentary that aims to shock people out of their comfort zones about the future of our world based on documentary evidence of what has been going on since 1945.  It is a chilling indictment on the ways in which, society, civilisation and we, the ordinary people, have been betrayed by those we chose to protect, guard and guide us.  We have lost our moral compass and must somehow find it if we are to survive into the next era.

In Betrayal I have tried to explore the present political climate of the world, specifically Europe – the Vatican and USA.  I have tried to analyse the root cause of these problems based on the actions of the past.  Most of us have not learnt the lessons of history well.  And history, as we all know tends to repeat itself given the chance, willing leaders and war engendering circumstances.  Some of us have learnt the wrong lessons too well.  And in that discrepancy is another possible, even probable, cause for future political problems – perhaps even the Third World War.

I have looked at a number of issues: political, religious, and economic and have come to some rather radical, chilling and frightening conclusions.

One part of the book deals with the Balkans and the bombing of Yugoslavia, the real causes and results – not what the public was fed; and illustrates how this was a vital necessity for certain powers in order to clear the way to be free to prepare for WW III.  It also shows how the destruction of Yugoslavia was planned from the early 1940’s.  It was imperative for some powers to divide Yugoslavia – in fact it was a vital necessity for their plan to succeed.  Again, as in the 1940’s there is a strong push for world domination.  Racism and religious bigotry have again raised their ugly heads

Another part of the book is devoted to Germany, mainly its present trends though touching upon the past and making some prognosis for the future and the route it seems to be taking.  The rest of the book deals with Europe and the US.

My aim is not to take sides in any way though at times it might appear as such.  I have tried to be critical but fair but sometimes, being human, it is a little difficult.

The populace of every country in the world moves to the same beat and is not guilty for the policies that their governments implement.  My contention is with the policies of governments.  People left to themselves to choose between killing and compromise will generally choose compromise over killing.  But the policies of modern governments through media control and other such means ensure that the populace is kept in the dark, about the true reasons for governmental policies and is encouraged – facilitated – to choose killing over compromise.  In this way we are betrayed by those we trust to lead us.